Solais Lighting, Inc., the leading manufacturer of lightweight, specification-grade LED lamps with Luxiance® technology, was featured in Lighting Design+Application (LD+A) Magazine’s January 2012 issue in a case study, titled “Replacement Lamps Roll Out”.

Written by Senior Editor, Elizabeth Hall, the article features Timberland’s store planning and construction project manager, Al Buell, who said that “Solais LED lamps are a true one-for-one replacement … The store employees did the installation themselves,” adding to the cost efficiency.

In 2011, Timberland installed Solais LED lamps in seven locations throughout the country. While the new installations aren’t Timberland’s first encounter with LED’s, they are proving to be the best. “I think the light quality is not only comparable – it’s better than some of the old technologies we used … is actually less expensive … and will last through a ten-year lease, so maintenance costs are gone” said Buell.

LD+A is a magazine for professionals involved in the art, science, study, manufacture, teaching, and implementation of lighting. LD+A features articles on design projects, technical articles on the science of illumination, new product developments, industry trends, news of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and vital information about the illuminating profession.